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Script to create a simple tree in polygons in Maya. I used NURBS splines to generate the trunk and branches. and the main trunks should be tangent to each other to avoid intersecting polygons. the texture maps can be swapped out on both the leaves and the branches. The texture maps for the leaves and branches are included in the zip file. displacement can be added to the trunks to get rid of the computer generated look.
Script to create morph targets between meshes with different index order. This is accomplished by using comparing the edges using the dot product function as opposed to the indeces of the verts themselves. for 3ds Max 2008 and above. To use the script select a corresponding vertex on each mesh.
Move UV shells left, right, up or down in increments of one. Also provides a percentage of the texture map that is used by the selected meshes. Good for convincing programmers that you aren't wasting pixels.
Snap vertices to the closest vertex on a reference mesh within a given tolerance. Good for making sure polygonal surfaces match up, or for snapping verts to the closest vertex on a high res mesh.
Tool for painting vertex lighting. You can adjust the vertex lighting on any component including faces and edges. No need to mess around with pesky vertex faces anymore.
runs the specified script on a directory full of .mb files and saves the result to an output path.
creates blendshapes on a polygonal object using only the vertices that have moved from their postion on the original object.
written by Ben Bathen
color codes faces on a polygonal object based on the direction of the normal.
written by Ted Forgrave, Concept by Ben Bathen
works with autoColor to automatically create projections on the faces of a smoothed polygonal object
written by Ted Forgrave, Concept by Ben Bathen
automatically duplicates the shaders created by autocolor to prevent overlapping UVs.
written by Ben Bathen
cuts a polygonal object in half by calculating the center point of each face and deleting anything with a negative X coordinate.
written by Ben Bathen
color codes the faces on a polygonal object based on the number of vertices it contains. Quads are green Triangles are blue and N-sided faces are red.
written by Ben Bathen
graphs the only the material on a selected face. Maya's default graph material button will show every shader on the polygonal object this only shows the shader assigned to the selected face.
written by Ben Bathen
complete documentation of how to create UVs on a High res Polygonal Model using autoColor, autoProjection and autoShellAssign. Includes all necessary MEL scripts plus example files. 1.19mb
helps to set weights on a high res polygonal mesh. Bakes the weights from a wrap deformer or lattice into a skinCluster on a polygonal mesh. 
written by Ben Bathen.   Based on a GDC presentation by David Stripinis.