The Beatles Rock Band
a Hard Days Night

A Song from the PS3/Xbox360 video game we created for the Beatles. I was a technical artist on this project. I helped maintain the character rigs, wrote scripts to fix the art assets. Rigged the guitars and helped make things work. The NY Times called us "A cultural watershed that may in fact be as significant as the first time the beatles played the Ed Sullivan show."

Pirates of the Carribean
Online Trailer

This is one of the official trailers for Pirates of the Carribean Online. I modeled both Jack Sparrow and Jolly Roger(The skull guy with dreadlocks). I also wrote MEL scripts for the artists on the team, textured and modeled environments, and helped export assets to the game engine.

Demo Reel

A demo reel of my environment and character models. Available in quicktime format.

Through the drinking glass

A short animation that took third place in the vanilla coke commercial competition. I was responsible for character modeling, environment modeling, particle effects and rendering. Animation by Paul and Jen Downs, Character Rigs by Ted Forgrave, Modeling and Compositing by Mike Berger sound by Ryan Weisbrock.

Pirates of the Carribean Online Reel

A small selection of my contributions to Pirates of the Carribean Online, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game for Disney. I worked as a technical artist at the Disney VR studio for three years. I built and textured models and wrote MEL scripts for the artists there. Some of the tools I wrote are still in use today.

Dining Room

An interior environment with raytracing rendered in mental ray

Demon Character Rig

A real time character and rig created with 3500 tris and 2 X 512 texture maps. The rig is built to work in a game engine

Real Time Environment

A real time environment for an unreleased Playstation 2 title.

Satellite Explosion

A short animation I did using maya and after effects. I was responsible for creating this from concept to completion.

Particle Instancing

A test with Maya's Particle instancer.
Each character is a paticle with expressions to control it's animation cycles.


This is an example of a MEL script I wrote to create wires between telephone poles on an open world games environment. It also creates three levels of detail

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Here's an example of a MEL script I did that bakes the weights on a wrap deformer onto a high res mesh. It should make it quite a bit easier to set skin weights.

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