Over the course of my career I've worked as a Disney Animator, Senior Technical Artist, Back End Java Developer, and webGL Front End Developer. I'm very proficient at scripting and finding creative ways to used technology. I've completed multiple computer science courses through Harvard Extension and UCLA. I also have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in art and technology.





Front End Developer
I am a front end developer at a software consulting company called Capgemini working on a contract for Halliburton the petroleum company. We created a web based 3D visualization of Halliburton's oil pipeline to help the pipeline engineers become more efficient. we used three.js/WebGL, GLSL shaders, Maya, and Angular to create the visualization as an angular component. Other technologies include RxJs, Jasmine, Karma, Azure, and Git.


Angular Front End Developer
I am a front end developer at a software consulting company called Nexient. I contribute to the front end of web based applications written in the Angular framework. We are currently using Angular 12 with Rxjs. I write components, services and unit tests and work with the back end developers. We have completed contracts for both ITS Logistics and Uline.


Angular Front End Developer
I am a contractor for a technology firm called InfoObjects on site at Google in Sunnyvale, CA. I work with Google’s power topology team to create a user interface in Angular and Three.js/WebGL. The project I am on helps manage the electricity for googles data centers and configure individual racks for the best possible efficiency. I did the data visualization in three.js and used Angular 10 with RXJS for the rest of the UI..


Contract Software Engineer
I use Angular 6.0 Javascript/Typescript, Python with Flask REST services and MySql to help create and maintain the website for NumbersUSA a non profit group in Northern Virginia. I'm responsible for both front end and back end development tasks. I have been brought in as a contractor to replace portions of the website created with Drupal/PHP with an Angular MVC user interface.

International Food and Poverty Research Institute

Contract Web Developer
I use JavaScript, Java, HTML5, CSS, and PHP to help maintain and modify the website for IFPRI, the international food and poverty research institute, a non profit in downtown Washington DC with the goal of sustainably reducing poverty and hunger worldwide. I work with google charts and google analytics as well as several JavaScript frameworks. We also make heavy use of Amazon Web Services and several Linux distributions including Debian and Ubuntu.

Ark Network Security Solutions

Front End Developer
Created a 3D user interface for a cyber security application using html5, three.js css and javascript with jquery. I work with WebGL using three.js as well as traditional 2D web development. I write shaders in GLSL and do front end web development. In addition I mentored the junior web developer and I was able to convince the company to switch from git to perforce for their source control system. I installed and configured both the server and the client for the development team and migrated the data from our previous source control system into perforce. I also maintained the perforce source control system as an administrator for the project.

First Marblehead

Application Developer
Use Java and Oracle to write web based software in JBoss. Participate and contribute to scrum meetings using the Agile development methodology.


Java Developer
Write code in Java and XML for a Restful Web Services Application. Learning a lot about object oriented programming, databases, and Web Development.

Harmonix Music Systems

Rock Band 2, the Beatles Rock Band, Rock Band 3
Senior Technical Artist
Write tools in Maxscript, MEL, and Python as well as harmonix's proprietary scripting language to solve problems of a technical nature related to the artwork. Help to establish a production pipeline. Help set up and maintain character rigs.

Boston Universities Center For Digital Imaging Arts

Introduction to Environment Modeling
Taught an entry level course in environment modeling to 3D animation students at Boston Universities Center for Digital Imaging arts.

Walt Disney Virtual Reality Studio

Pirates of the Carribean Online
3D Artist
Model and Texture Characters and Environments and props for Pirates of the Carribean Online a massively multiplayer online game from Disney. Write tools in MEL for the art team.

Rockstar San Diego

Unreleased PS2 title
Environment Modeler / Texture Artist
Model and Texture Low Poly Environments for use in PS2 and Xbox games. Wrote tools in MEL for the art staff

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Neopets, MLB 2006, Socom 3(Freelance Contractor)
3D Modeler / Texture Artist,
Model and Texture High Poly Characters for Playstation Cutscenes.

Funnybone Interactive/Vivendi Universal

3D Artist
Use Maya and write code in MEL to create graphics for childrens educational software.

JRL Enterprises Inc

Illustrator / Animator
Created graphics, characters and animation for children’s educational software.


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago UMASS Boston Harvard University Extension School UCLA Extension Gnomon School of Visual Effects Glendale Community College